transformations | 2001 June

transformations | 2001 June

Instyle | June 2001



Instyle | US June 2001

Swell Michelle What Lies Beneath? In Michelle Pfeiffer’s case, it’s amazing bone structure and a certain sultriness that wears well no matter what the trend du jour is. Long waves, short layers, poodle curls, smoky eyes, red lips-you name the look and Pfeiffer has pulled it off. “She’s open to different things, but she knows what works for her,” says her longtime makeup artist, Ronnie Specter. “She is an artist-she paints and draws, so she likes colors and textures-and she can do her own makeup very well.” Her look of the moment is soft and minimal-dewy lips, flushed cheeks, peachy-taupe eyes. Her hair, which these days she likes to wear blown out and parted in the middle, is just as low-key. “Michelle is a natural beauty,” says her hairstylist Alan Dangerio. “Plain and simple, she’s breathtaking.” — Leslie Mitchell

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