Site Update | October 27, 2011

Site Update | October 27, 2011


PMAGAZINE: Empire | February 1990

Title: The Fabulous Pfeiffer Girl

Written by Martin Kasindorf | Photographs by Terry O’Neill

Here we go the FIRST cover of Michelle on the UK’s biggest movie magazine “EMPIRE“, and a decent interview of Susie Diamond talks about her part in the beloved “The Fabulous Baker Boys“!

“Michelle Pfeiffer has traded in life as a one-time check-out girl and beauty queen for a career as “a character actress disguised in the body of a classic screen siren”. Now, in The Fabulous Baker Boys, she gets to roll around on top of a piano while crooning to a visibly enthusiastic Jeff Bridges. “This movie is all about human beings who follow their dreams,” she tells…”


  • PS
    November 2, 2011

    I actually bought this magazine when it was released and kept it for many years.
    Sadly I no longer have it, so it’s a good job I can still check out Terry O’Neil’s gorgeous photographs on here.
    Thanks Bond.

      • November 24, 2011

        Believe me your hard work is appreciated.
        Gorgeous Pfeiffer is an invaluable resource for everyone who cares about Michelle Pfeiffer!

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