Michelle & David’s 19th Happy Marriage Anniversary! | November 13, 2012

Michelle & David’s 19th Happy Marriage Anniversary! | November 13, 2012


A picture more than thousand words. What do you see? I see love, TRUE LOVE!

Happy 19th Marriage Anniversary our beautiful lady and her Mr.Right! We LOVE you both!

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley got married on November 13, 1993.

Michelle met Kelley on a blind date: “I was so against that. I’d kind of sworn off dating. I’m not very good at small talk,” said Michelle in an interview for US Magazine (August, 1995)

Kate Guinzburg, her best friend and her former partner in their production company, was the matchmaker; Pfeiffer panicked 20 minutes before the date when she found out Guinzburg hadn’t even met Kelley, despite having raved about his great qualitiesSo Michelle changed it to going bowling with other friends so they wouldn’t be alone, each brought a friend. “We didn’t speak to each other. I was petrified.” But Kelley called later and invited her to a screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula.”I thought he was attractive,” recalls Pfeiffer, “but that was almost a detriment at that point. I wasn’t into cute. Fortunately, he had a couple of good scars on his face, and he had broken his nose once, from playing hockey; so that got me through.” The bigger problem, she adds, was conversation: “He was so quiet. We were both real quiet. We really had to work at having conversation, because we’re so much alike that way. In fact, when his agent heard we were dating, he asked David, ‘What’s she like?’ And when he said, ‘She’s real quiet,’ his agent said, ‘Then who talks?’ “Pfeiffer realized she was in love with Kelley after only a month, when he took her to see The Wizard of Oz, which is “one of my favorite movies.”

A month into the relationship, however, they were chatting on the phone when her feelings kicked in. “We were talking about nothing, really,” Pfeiffer says. “I can’t even remember the conversation, but I looked at the clock and we’d been talking for an hour. I didn’t realize we’d been on that long. Maybe we felt safer with this instrument between us, but I thought, this is interesting. And pretty soon after that, I became very interested.”

“I’m not the most trusting person,” she says, “so even then it took me a while to trust whether this would work. And David took things very slowly. We both did. As you get older, you come with more baggage. I kept saying, ‘This guy can’t be this great.’ I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.”
In the meantime, Pfeiffer had already begun an adoption and was offered a biracial child, Claudia Rose.

Michelle told Liz Smith in an interview for GoodHouseKeeping (July 2007): “The adoption process was already in motion when he and I met …So we had this child with us right away, and most people don’t have that. But I really got to see him in a situation that certainly would separate the boys from the men. … So we both got to see each other as parents before we progressed in our relationship together, and in a strange way, it took the pressure off us, as a couple. We had something else to focus on.”

According to Josh Levine in his book ‘David E. Kelley: The Man Behind Ally McBeal. 1999’: “That David happily accepted the idea of adoption helped to seal their romance. As a result, he was there from the start to become the father of baby Claudia. Claudia’s christening was planned for November 1993 and Michelle sent out about seventy invitations to close friends and family. The day before the christening she phoned all the guests and cried, ‘Surprise! It’s a wedding!'”

David and Michelle were married on November 13, 1993 in a double-ring ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. According to a November 18, 1993 edition of the Gadsden Times [pg. C1], Michelle “wore an off-white, antique lace dress.”

The newlyweds agreed they wanted kids. “We had planned on trying right away we kinda had started already,” she said on US Magazine. “I got pregnant on my wedding night.” When the couple finally took a honeymoon, in Fiji, Pfeiffer was seven months pregnant. And they brought Claudia. “Very sexy honeymoon.” Their son, John Henry, named for Kelley’s dad, was born in the summer of 1994.

In a recent interview on CNN with Sanjay Gupta (April 6, 2012), Michelle said “Well, I think we’re really compatible and just different enough to keep it interesting. We respect each other a lot. And we have, you know, our morals are really in sync. And we sort of prioritize work and family in the same way. And, you know, I just think that — and I think ultimately we just, you know, really, really respect each other.”

“David is so cute,” Michelle has said about the hubby who sends her flowers, usually gardenias, every day. “I pinch myself every day. Whenever I go anywhere with him, I feel like the luckiest girl in the room.”

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