After the character images from the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine and new production images from the Singapore Dark Shadows Facebook Fans page, CINE MARCADO, a movie website from Brazil just published 4 exclusive images of the cast and people from IMDb believes that these are the captures from the survey trailer or the trailer we are able to see soon.

And our MICHELLE PFEIFFER, looking as beautiful as a mermaid in her floral evening dress, share a scene with the former DARK SHADOWS (1966) actor David Selby, who played Quentin Collins in the original TV series. DS fans from facebook and IMDb are mostly amazed by the beauty of Michelle, some even mentioned if the timeline can be changed, Michelle could be the perfect choice to play Angelique Bouchard, instead of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

Apart from Johnny Depp and Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard, there’s finally a image of Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays Carolyn Stoddard, the daughter of Michelle’s character, together with young actor Gulliver McGrath as David Collins. I really don’t want to repeat it again and again, but then, the first trailer should be out there real soon! Hopefully!

Check out all the new images at CINE MARCADO.

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