9 HQ images were added into OUT & ABOUT, from the “TODAY SHOW” last Wednesday, December, where Michelle Pfeiffer and her costar Zac Efron made the promotion for their latest box-office hit “NEW YEAR’S EVE” Check them out in our GALLERY section!

According to The Scoop:

Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron dish on sharing kiss

By Courtney Hazlett

“New Year’s Eve” co-stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron appeared on TODAY Wednesday, to talk about their new film. Efron and Pfeiffer actually worked together once before, on “Hairspray,” but unlike that film, the two actually share a kiss (otherwise known as “the best part of the movie,” according to Efron) in “New Year’s Eve.”

How did the kiss between the two play out? Watch the video for full details, but we’ll offer up this hint. What was originally called for in the script was a little “soft serve,” Efron said. So he and Pfeiffer figured out a way to spice things up. Take a look.

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