Hi everybody,

This is Bond, or you can call me Morrissey, your webmaster of “Gorgeous Pfeiffer — bond’s michelle pfeiffer web page“, open since 5 September 2001. I was born in Hong Kong at the beautiful 80s, and yes, you are right! I’m Chinese, a pure Chinese!

I’m a fashion designer in a local retail company for ladies wear. I’m also a freelance designer for both graphic & web designs. I love movies, music, I’m a toys collector and I’m a real animals lover. I’m in love with all the creatures in the world or even outside the earth, and few of my favorite creatures are alligator, salamander and platypus, hm…what a strange taste for you, right?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s my all time favorite actress, I couldn’t find any other actress who’s as charming as her to me. She becomes top of my list since 1992, after I saw her as Catwoman in Batman Returns. I was really impressed by her amazing performance and perfect feature. Since then I started to search for her other movies and the next year I found a picture of her in a Hong Kong movie magazine, it’s a production still of “The Age of Innocence“, and I’s really attracted by her sadness beautiful, and more important, she’s not just a beautiful face, she is much more than that, she is a real talented actress with wide range of roles. The first Michelle movie I saw in cinema’s Wolf, in 1994. Because I’s far too young to go the cinema alone at that time, so I borrowed most of her movie from VHS shop. I still remember that how excited I’s when I saw the wolf trailer on tv, then the day after I asked my mum to go with me.

My love to Michelle just increase year by year, even when she didn’t work too much in recent years, but I’m happy that she’s coming back to the big screen since 2007, with “Hairspray“, “Stardust” and ” I Could Never be Your Woman“, she made an indie love drama with Ashton Kutcher “Personal Effects” and Stephen Frears’s “Cheri” in 2009. “Gorgeous Pfeiffer” has been running for 9 years now since 2001 and going to the 10th at coming September.

I have to say special thanks to some of my great friends/Pfans, who really helped me a lot in this site, and they are so nice to me. How can I forget Dora, the webmaster of Lovely Michelle, who gave me all the sources and gave me the chance to share them with other Pfans. Leandro, a very nice friend who I met at the early age of my site, thanks for your beautiful scan pictures of Michelle, I hope you are always happy there in your country. My brother Fran, the webmaster of PfeifferTheFace from Spain, thanks for all your support in these years, and I miss our every nice chat, I’m happy to see that your web site growing so big, and becomes one of the best Michelle site ever. Also thanks to Clara, Mito & Marcus gave me all the love and concern. This web site couldn’t be made without yours support.

Hope you enjoy your travelling in “Gorgeous Pfeiffer” and all the beautiful pictures I posted, come back whenever you want!

Morrissey | 2011

In no way do I have anything to do with actress Michelle Pfeiffer or her management. All material is copyrighted to their respective owners, Sources are given whenever possible. Please ask permission before taking anything off the site. For Any ideas or suggestions please email to: morrisseybond@gmail.com

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