Teaser of Mother!’s First Official Trailer with Footage of the Casts!

When we were all expecting to have the first peek of Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! with actual footage this coming Thursday, Paramount shocked us with the tease of the first trailer which rescheduled to go online on August 8.

The 29 sec of teaser begins with Jennifer Lawrence walking alone in the empty house, and something terrific is going to be happened (this actually reminds me of What Lies Beneath), till you hear the depth voice of Michelle whispering ‘God help you’, follows with a mix scenes of dying insect, Javier screaming, guys fighting, light bulb explosion, and, the devilish face of Michelle Pfeiffer having some sexual moment with Ed Harris (her husband in the movie?). And even it’s only a two second of Michelle in the entire teaser, I have to say that it’s really the highlight of the whole thing. The only little complain is that we couldn’t find the beautiful two words of ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’ in the teaser, but I’m sure they will add her name back for the main trailer, as well as on the official poster.

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