After its’ premiere in the Sundance Film Festival at Jan last year, “Where is Kyra?” finally got her distributor after a year of finding.

UK-based media fund manager Great Point Media will co-operate with Paladin to release “Where is Kyra?” on March 30th 2018 with Michelle Pfeiffer as the lead. The movie was first screening at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival with raves reviews for both Pfeiffer’s performance and its artistic style. You can find the reviews in our earlier post.

Right before the theatre release, Kyra will also be seen at the California Theatre SJ at the Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2018! You can get the tickets at CINEQUEST.


A golden cast tells a penniless story.

Children are supposed to take care of their parents in old age, not the other way round. But when Kyra (Michelle Pfeiffer, Scarface) from Brooklyn, New York loses her job, that is what happens. Facing eviction and more, she is forced to resort to desperate measures for survival including depending on her ailing mother’s income. Where is Kyra? starring three-time-Oscar-nominee Pfeiffer and the always charismatic Kiefer Sutherland (24) shows the power necessary to face poverty and growing old on the fringes of America’s society. With brilliant performances, this remarkable story takes an honest look at destitution and shows the inner strength necessary to endure and hopefully thrive. – Shwetha VR

Everything is ready and now we just need to wait for the trailer which will be out shortly this month.

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