Michelle Pfeiffer Gives the Performance of Her Life in “Where Is Kyra?”

After more than a year of waiting, the long awaited-movie “Where is Kyra?” finally arrive in cinema this Friday (April 6, 2018) in NYC and expanding across the country April 13th.

“Where is Kyra?” was first premiered in last year’s Sundance Film Festival and earned rave reviews since then, a couple of “WOW” new reviews also added into our WIK reviews summary you can read it HERE.

To celebrate this almost the best-reviewed-Pfeiffer movie in decades, Entertainment Tonight and Vulture shared us two exclusive clips as below:

Exclusive: Get a Sneak Peek at Michelle Pfeiffer’s Tremendous Performance in Where Is Kyra? | Vulture

Is the Michelle Pfeiffer renaissance finally upon us? After an extended break, the dynamic actress has reignited her career in the past year with work in Darren Aronofsky’s horror flick Mother! and the HBO film Wizard of Lies. But the drama Where Is Kyra? looks to be exactly the sort of major leading role longtime fans have been waiting for.
The film, which was directed by Andrew Dosunmu (Mother of George) and written by Darci Picoult with cinematography by the consistently excellent Bradford Young (Selma, Arrival), looks to push Pfeiffer to new heights in her already storied career. Pfeiffer plays the titular character, who’s thrust into a precarious position as she loses her job. Threatened with losing her apartment and her ailing mother’s income, she begins to impersonate her in order to cash the checks she so desperately needs to survive. This exclusive clip strikes at the heart of Kyra’s dilemma, with Pfeiffer revealing the layers of hurt and anger consuming the character. Where Is Kyra? will hit theaters April 6.

Michelle Pfeiffer Is ‘No Spring Chicken’ in Dramatic ‘Where Is Kyra?’ Clip (Exclusive) | ET Online

“It’s just hard out there,” Kyra Johnson (played by the inimitable Michelle Pfeiffer) explains in this exclusive clip from the film, Where Is Kyra? “I’m no spring chicken.”
In director Andrew Dosunmu’s drama, which premiered during last year’s Sundance Film Festival, Kyra is having a rough go of it: She is divorced, unexpectedly lost her mother and has been unemployed for two years after being let go from her company. “Ever since then I have been looking every day,” she says. “I don’t even know how many resumes I’ve dropped off.”
If you didn’t get nearly enough Pfeiffer in mother! or Murder on the Orient Express, this clip gives you all the assurance you need that in Where Is Kyra?, she is the star, unfolding in an extreme close-up that holds on the actress’ face as Kyra confesses, “I have tried everything, and am reduced to handing out flyers on parked cars and praying every day that I even have that.”
Where Is Kyra? opens in theaters on April 6.

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