Darren’s Aronofsky’s Mother!

After weeks of discussions and struggling, director Darren Aronofsky finally revealed that ‘Mother!‘ will has its world premiere at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, as well as the being part of the special presentations in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.
Before that, there were lot of guessing and doubts about the quality of the movie, only because the release date was moved up one month earlier from the original October to September 15, 2017. Now having the movie being strongly featured in two big festivals is a real shot in the arm for our expectations on the awards chance of Michelle Pfeiffer and the movie itself.
The official trailer of ‘Mother!‘ with actual footage was reported to be out on coming Thursday August 3, 2017. But the 1 min audio teaser trailer was leaked last week and it sounds really intense and promising!

There’s no official word if Michelle will attend the festival yet, but if she does, it will be her third times to attend the Venice Film Festival since her first appearance in 1993 to present Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Age of Innocence‘ and 2000 to promote ‘What Lies Beneath’.

74th Venice International Film Festival takes place from August 30 to September 9 and The Toronto International Film Festival from September 7 to 17, 2017. Apart from Mother!, Michelle’s old movie ‘Into the Night‘ also will be showing in the 74th Venice International Film Festival as one of the Venice Classics.
Michelle Pfeiffer at the screenings of ‘People Like Us’ & ‘White oleander’ at The Toronto International Film Festival.

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