A New page for the Tim Burton’s “DARK SHADOWS” is now online in GorgeousPfeiffer. Including couple of HQ images of the movie, and for sure, a series of Screencaps Images with Michelle Pfeiffer from the just released Official first Trailer (March 15, 2012). I’m pretty sure all of you had already watched the trailer but in case you didn’t,  it’s now available in apple.com.

As I mentioned in our facebook page before, the first trailer of “DARK SHADOWS” received mix comments from the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp and DS fans from the original series, but as a fans of Michelle and the director who made her as the perfect Catwoman in our movie history, I have faith in this movie. Even though it’s a remake of the 60s TV series, but it’s also a Tim Burton movie, I’m sure Tim will bring something wonderful to the project instead of being modest and stay in he comfort zone, please remember that it’s a RE-CREATE, it’s not a continue of the old one or anything, and we can’t judge a movie becoz of its genres. And it’s still early to tell the actual tone of the movie based on the first trailer, sometimes it can be very different than the final movie, however, the only complain of me is that, there is toooooooooooooo little screen of Michelle in the first trailer. Considering Michelle’s name is only second to Johnny Depp on the credit, I’m expecting a much deeper, darker, serious trailer from WB with fair proportion of  Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the matriarch of an aristocratic family!

Anyway, check out our “DARK SHADOWS” page HERE now!

And here’s the Official DARK SHADOWS YouTube Channel:

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