Robert De Niro ‘Regrets’ Not Working With Co-Star Michelle Pfeiffer Sooner

Michelle Pfeiffer with Robert De Niro

The pair play a husband and wife couple in new movie The Family

Robert De Niro says he regrets not working with Michelle Pfeiffer earlier in his career after appearing alongside her in new movie The Family.

The 70-year-old Oscar winner plays Giovanni Manzoni, a former mafia boss who has entered into a witness protection programme with his wife and two children.

Speaking on breakfast show Lorraine, De Niro says he would love to work with Pfieffer – who plays his spouse – on future projects.

”We had a great time, I wish we had been able to do other things earlier in our careers, it just never happened… so hopefully we’ll do other things together,” he said.

The 55-year-old actress is making a return to the big-screen after stepping away from the limelight to raise her two children, Claudia and John – but she admits family will always come before her career. ‘

‘It’s really about choices and prioritising,” she said. “I think women are willing to put their children before themselves and their careers or at least try to juggle both, but I think ultimately when it comes down to it I know for me, family came first and still does.

”But I’m an empty nester so I’m sort of speaking about it in past tense because I’m sort of liberated.”

Source: EntertainmentWise

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