Michelle Pfeiffer’s Video interviews for “The Family”

Michelle Pfeiffer "The Family" TV Promotion

It has been an amazing week for all Pfans, with “The Family” finally hit the US cinemas, Michelle appearances in couple of TV talk shows beautifully last past week, as well as tons of press interviews all over the net, in case you missed any of them, here’s a brief summary of the shows and video links:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (9.10.2013) Video: Full Episode Clips: PART I, II, Highlight

Good Morning America (9.11.2013) Video

LIVE with Kelly & Michael (9.11.2013) Video

Katie Talk That Matters (9.13.2013) Video

AMC Video

JoBlo.com Video

PopSugar Entertainment Video

TvDona2012: The Family Premiere Interview Video

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