Best Films at Sundance 2017

2017 Sundance is now finished, after tons of rave reviews on Michelle Pfeiffer for her soul-searing performance in “Where is Kyra?”, several critics picked the Andrew Dosunmu movie as one of the best films in this year’s festival, and the critics simply LOVE our Michelle, here are couple of them:

The 10 Best Films at Sundance 2017

Where Is Kyra?

Michelle Pfeiffer is often the sole figure onscreen in Andrew Dosunmu’s bleak, beautiful tale of an impoverished woman falling into increasingly dire circumstances. The director is fond of static, off-balance compositions with very shallow focus, but he also likes to point his camera directly into his actress’s face, one of the great visages of modern cinema. Close-ups often show her half-concealed in the gloom, emerging from pitch-black corners of the screen. Rarely on film has the sheer debilitating exhaustion of poverty been so clearly conveyed.

By Bilge Ebiri | villagevoice

Ten Unacquired Sundance 2017 Films We Hope to See Someday

Where is Kyra?

Andrew Dosunmu has been championed as being on the cusp of massive critical and commercial attention by nearly all who saw his previous feature Mother of George. Where is Kyra? may very well prove to be the breakthrough film that puts Dosunmu in touch with wider acclaim on all fronts, as it once again tackles the issues of what people pushed to the brink will do to survive. Reuniting with his Mother of George writer Darci Picoult, Dosunmu’s new film also has another major draw; giving Michelle Pfeiffer a showcase role. Not having appeared on the big screen since 2013, Pfeiffer stands to remind audiences once again of what she’s capable of, and any movie that could provide that opportunity would be exciting on its own. Coupled with a chance to also give Dosunmu a chance to elevate his career, however, makes Where is Kyra? a film that’s worth eagerly looking forward to, as hopefully distributors shall also notice.

By Deepayan Senqupta | cutprintfilm


“Where is Kyra?” (Andrew Dosunmu)

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Michelle Pfeiffer, one of our finest actresses, you’re not alone. You’re in for a treat with “Mother of George” director Andrew Dosunmu’s “Where is Kyra?” Pfeiffer plays an out-of-work New York woman illegally cashing her (recently deceased) mother’s pension checks to make a living, while desperately looking for a job, any job, to no avail. Shot by the now Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young  (“Arrival”), Dosunmu both visually and metaphorically captures Kyra’s isolation through various framing choices: she is sometimes in the center, confronting the audience, and other times, positioned to a far side like an afterthought. Purposefully shot with a dark look and feel to complement Kyra’s lightless life, in which she is running out of options fast, Dosunmu puts forward a first-rate film that surfaces a very real fear of financial doom, and articulates just how fine a line there is between security and dismay.

By Tomris Laffly | RogerEbert

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