Where is Kyra? in Sundance 2017

As we mentioned on our Facebook page before, Michelle’s latest movie “Where is Kyra?” will be premiered in the Sundance Film Festival 2017, with a total of four show times: 1/23 (8:30 pm), 1/25 (9 pm), 1/28 (6 pm) and 1/29 (12:30 pm).


Mild-mannered, sheltered Kyra, played with intensity by Michelle Pfeiffer, begins to spiral after the death of her mother. Long out of work, the deep-in-debt Kyra struggles to support herself. As she becomes increasingly desperate and isolated, longing for her mother, she launches a cryptic, last-ditch scheme to keep from being evicted. She also finds solace in another lonely soul, Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), from whom she initially tries to hide her plight, but Kyra slowly ropes him into her deception.

Writer/director Andrew Dosunmu returns to the Festival with his evocative and stylish third feature. Using impeccably composed frames and guided by sharp art direction, Dosunmu and two-time Sundance Film Festival Cinematography Award winner Bradford Young situate the fragile Kyra in a dark, antagonistic NYC. The intensely warm glow of an illuminated palette married to the cold negative space reflects the stark tension with this enigmatic character, who feels out of place in this world.


Andrew Dosunmu is a photographer and filmmaker. Vogue, i-D, The FADER, and Interviewhave all showcased his work, and he has shot for Puma, Converse, and Nike. Dosunmu has directed music videos for such artists as Tracy Chapman, Isaac Hayes, Common, Maxwell, and Kelis. His 2010 multimedia work, The African Game, explored football’s relationship with African culture. Dosunmu’s two previous directorial features, Restless City and Mother of George, both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Here is some production stills from the movie, although there is no official poster or trailer of the movie yet, the first review from Sundance could be expected in 10 days time.

photos: Courtesy of Sundance Institute

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