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premiere: 3 december 2001
release date: 28 december 2001 (usa) 21 march 2002 (hong kong)
directed by Jessie Nelson
tagline love is all you need
story Raising a child alone, the handicap builds an unusually strong bond between the retarded father and daughter, Sam and Lucy, devotedly. In return, Lucy pretends to be slow to protect the relationship ut is exposed and thus being ordered to be foestered. Helplessly, Sam begs for assistant from a top lawyer, Rita, who finally takes the case just to make use of it. When it comes to count where Sam presenting the worst defense, he himself, where he also has to agree what he cannot give to Lucy - materialistically and especially, a mother ...
what did they say:
- ''Michelle Pfeiffer gives the most amazing performance.'' -- Roger Ebert, EBERT & ROEPER
- ''I Am Sam' radiates with a touching humanity and an exquisitely fine quality performance by Michelle Pfeiffer.'' -- David Sheehan, CBS-TV
- ''It is challenging to make persuasive a radical transformation in character, involving a profound redemption of spirit. This is what Michelle Pfeiffer brings to 'I Am Sam'.'' -- Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES
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special olympics benefit premiere of i am sam, Washington, DC. (22 January 2002)
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