Movie Data
Release Date: 11 December 1992 (US)
Directed by: Jonathan Kaplan
Official Poster

Brian Kerwin

Michelle Pfeiffer
Dennis Haysbert
Stephanie McFadden
Ray Hallett
Lurene Hallett
Paul Cater
Awards: Best Actress (Berlin International Film Festival)
Nominations: Best Actress (Academy Award, Alexandrias, Golden Globe Award)
My Feeling on Love Field:
''Love Field''s not only one of my favourite movie of Michelle, it's also one of my favourite movie in my life! I first saw it at 1994, by a VHS which my mother helped me to borrow from KPS (a huge VHS/LD store in Hong Kong, now it already owned by Blockbuster). Love Field didn't release on the big screen in Hong Kong, so VHS's the only source which I can find, I can say that I loved this movie before I saw it, I still can remember when I first saw Michelle on the cover on this VHS, Ho My God!!! She looks so elegant & special, her image's very different from all of her other movies, it's a funny and charming look, I think most of the Pfans also agree with this point! Basically this is a small movie, without lots of money investment, but I think it's a meaningful picture, I feel very happy Michelle choosed this movie and gave such a wonderful performance!! For sure the public and press agree with her effort too, although she lost in Oscar but she won a more artistic one to confiem her talent, the Sliver Berlin Bear Best Actress of ''Berlin International Film Festival''.
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