Release Date: 15 October 1999 (US)
Director: Rob Reiner
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Production Information:
-Nelson(Producer/ Writer) remmebers the first time she heard Pfeiffer at a table reading. "It was a mind-blowing experience. We knew what an extraordinary actress she was and how moving it would be, but we had no idea how funny she was!"

-Recalling her first impression of the script, Pfeiffer says "it was so funny and smart. I don't think there has been a movie about this subject matter. When you see a story about a marriage on the rocks, or a relationship falling apart, it is usually the result of something huge. The truth of the matter is, most relationship or marriages fall apart because of the day to day grind."

-"Eventually, over time, you just lose touch with each other, without even realizing it. I think that is what this movie is about. Maybe it is the 3,000 diaper changes or "who"s going to pick them up at carpool?" You begin, without knowing it, to put your relationship in the back seat. However, I think in the end, you have to learn to see things through each other's eyes and you have to get back to the things you fell in love with," explains Pfeiffer.
-The theme of the film was not the only element that attracted Pfeiffer. "I am a huge fan of Rob's and I thought Bruce would be so wonderful in this part. I think that we haven't seen him do something like this in a long time. He is really funny and really charming."
My Point of View:
''The Story of Us'' may be not a very great or perfect movie but I really love it. It's because of Michelle and it's also because of the story. It's a very warm and touch movie about love, marriage and family, Michelle did a wonderful and down to earth job for her role as Katie Jordan, although the match of Bruce and Michelle sounds a bit odd, it makes this couple more interesting, and I think Bruce is a smart guy too.
Movie Flyer from Japan
Production Still
On the set of ''The Story of Us'' in Venice (March 1999)
On the Set of "The Story of Us" Production Still
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