Michelle Pfeiffer in Jay Leno's Tonight Show 24 Jan 2002
I have to say 100 thanks to Jayper who sent me a tape with a lot of Michelle's tv interview, and the one in Jay Leno this year's one of them, this's one of my favourite look of Michelle in these two years. As i can't find too many pictures of her in this interview from newspapars or magazines, so now I capture some photos and share with all of you, due to my poor technology, the quality of these capture pictures's not very good and some are quite blur, but i hope your guys don't mind and will like it, as i already pay a lot effort on it too. And if anyone has other photos of her in this show, please let me know where it from or if i'm lucky please send me a scan copy to my email address, thanks you so much and enjoy it:)
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