Where is Kyra?


About Kyra

Kyra Johnson is a middle aged divorcee who moved into her mother’s Brooklyn apartment while looking for work and trying to get back on her feet. When her elderly mother dies, Kyra is left without any support, both emotional and financial, and finds herself with few options—none of them good. Despite a blossoming affair with a sympathetic neighbor, who also struggles to make ends meet in today’s economy, Kyra can’t accept that her once-tidy life is falling apart, and she resorts to increasingly desperate measures to hold onto what little she has left.

Michelle Pfeiffer is typically excellent as Kyra; imbuing her with a tragic vulnerability and a protective layer that flags a backstory of sadness and disappointment. There is a slight thaw when she meets local caretaker Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), but can they really overcome their circumstances or will their happiness be short-lived? Skillful direction and impressively nuanced performances from its two leads are perfectly complemented by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young (Arrival), whose rich, sombre tones cast complex shadows and a tragic beauty to every scene.

Michelle Pfeiffer Gives the Performance of Her Life in

“Where Is Kyra?” – By Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice

What happened to Kyra?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s brilliant performance holds the answer

– By Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

‘Where is Kyra?’ is a remarkable showcase for the great Michelle Pfeiffer

– By Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts critic

How Good is Kyra?

A soul-searing Michelle Pfeiffer

-By Guy Lodge, VARIETY

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