Site Update | June 27, 2011

Site Update | June 27, 2011


3 magazine transcripts of fashion magazine Instyle were added into PMAGAZINE:

Michelle Pfeiffer on What she’s learned | July 2009

Michelle Pfeiffer on Age, Beauty and Plastic Surgery | August 2006

Michelle Pfeiffer Learns to Let Go | February 2002

Michelle was first featured as the Cover Girl for Instyle magazine since the fall special issue of 1997 – “50 Years of Hollywood Fashion” and was chosen to be one of “The 10 Best Dressed” celebrities, which I will upload a while later.

According to the January issue of the magazine, the cover of August 2006 issue is Michelle’s personal favorite among all. This one is where I feel I look most like myself. I’m happy, relaxed and enjoying the whole experience. And I love this jacket (Alexander McQueen)!” said Pfeiffer.

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