June 2012

The "Piers Morgan Tonight"

CNN just published couple of clips with our beloved Michelle Pfeiffer from the "Piers Morgan Tonight" at Monday morning, the classic lady looking gorgeous than ever in her formal look in a black suit! CNN the blog also quoted some of the interesting lines on their website and talk about how Michelle Pfeiffer became a vegan, experience of working in "Scarface" and some honest saying about plastic surgery! Check them out!
Michelle Pfeiffer: Why I became a Vegan
Michelle Pfeiffer admits in a new interview that vanity played a part in her decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but she adds that more than anything it was because of a desire to live a healthier life. The 54-year-old actress tells Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Monday's edition of "Piers Morgan Tonight" that watching his documentary, "The Last Heart Attack," gave her plenty of food for thought. "I was finishing up working on, I think it was 'Dark Shadows,'" she says. "And I was watching CNN, and 'The Last Heart Attack' came on." As she was watching the documentary, which explores preventative measures for heart disease, it was former President Bill Clinton's story that really hit home. Pfeiffer, who considers herself to also be a "foodie," watched Clinton and said, "OK, Bill Clinton loves food, so there must be something to [veganism] that's making him stick to it. And also, he's smart, so he's not going to do something unless he really thinks there's some science behind it." After reading the book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease," which advocates for a plant-based, oil-free diet, Pfeiffer says her mind was made up. "I just felt like...there was science behind it," she says. "And, you know, it was sort of irrefutable. ... I couldn't not listen to it. My father died from cancer, and the older you get, there's a lot of disease around you. And you see people struggling with chronic disease. You see people dying with terminal illnesses. And if in any way .... this is true, then you kind of have to listen to it." As someone who loves carbs, Pfeiffer says she's enjoying the vegan diet, and has her husband of 19 years, David E. Kelley, trying to make the switch. The older she gets, Pfeiffer says of her views on diet, the more her focus and intent is geared toward living a longer life. "Vanity is right under there," she admits, "but I have to say that it's a close second with wanting to live long."
Pfeiffer not opposed to Plastic Surgery
Michelle Pfeiffer on her role in "Scarface": "I was hungry ... I was playing a coke addict and I couldn't eat"
Well-known for such films as "Grease 2" and "The Fabulous Baker Boys," the blonde starlet shares details of her screen test for another famous film, Oliver Stone's 1983 cult classic "Scarface." Auditioning to star opposite Al Pacino, Pfeiffer drew more than rave review. She also drew blood: "It just was one of those things where it just sort of happened - and cut and there was blood everywhere," she tells Gupta. "They were looking and they were checking me. They couldn't find any cuts. And then they looked over at Al and it was him. And so I had broken dishes and - and, obviously, some glass had flown his way." Praised for her performance as Elvira Hancock, the main character's wife, the Golden Globe Award winner confesses she felt more starving, than she did sexy: