NEW ERA, NEW LOOK! | May 20, 2018

NEW ERA, NEW LOOK! | May 20, 2018

New Look of!

It’s not an easy job to maintain a website, especially it’s like a non-stoppable project for over 17 years, and finally, managed to bring you this total new look to celebrate the big return of Michelle Pfeiffer and the new era of her career.

The site menu is basically the same as before, so you won’t get lost in this new layout but the whole is looking as gorgeous as ever and it’s also mobile compatible. We will also adding a lot of new features and special pages real soon, so stay tuned.

We want to take this chance to thanks everyone who helped to be where we are here now once again, a couple of names we must mention – Dora from Lovely Michelle, Fran – my brother from PfeifferTheFace, Leandro, Yod, Elsa… and many other Pfans who supported us and shared their collection with us during all these years.

Hope you all enjoy the new site and although it’s a mobile-occupied generation, I still highly recommend to view the site on desktop to experience the best visual effect.

We could also like to introduce the PFORUM BY La Pfeiffer forum which was created by another Pfans Richard, it’s an amazing platform exclusively for Pfans to share any news and love of La Pfeiffer, you can find the link on our main menu, so don’t wait and register immediately now!

And also, don’t forget to join us on our main social media channels for the most updated news and images sharing at:




Hope to hear from you all there!


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