PMOVIE SPECIAL: Where is Kyra? | May 22, 2018

PMOVIE SPECIAL: Where is Kyra? | May 22, 2018 Special Feature – The “Where is Kyra?” Movie Page

Have you seen Kyra?

“Where is Kyra?” was released in the US early last month, though the movie didn’t make much noise to the public due to limited promotions from distributor, it did marketed correctly to their target arthouse movie audiences and earned a lot of praises from the critics. Being one of the best reviewed Pfeiffer movie of the last decade, or even one of the best reviewed performance of Michelle Pfeiffer from her entire career – is now certificated fresh with 80% rating from all critics and 89% from top critics on Rotten and Tomatoes.

GorgeousPfeiffer tailor-made a special page for this great movie to express our love and support to this amazing project which brought Michelle’s career to a new chapter. In this new page you can find all the new and old stories about Kyra and most important – all the good words and great reviews since it’s first screening in the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, theBAM CinemaFest and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. A couple of news and materials will be added to the page soon we can promise, so stay tuned and come back again anytime!

p.s. And if you already watched the movie and love her performance in“Where is Kyra?”. Please support the film with leaving great review on Rotten Tomatoes:

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