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It has been awhile, actually much more than awhile, since Michelle Pfeiffer last on the cover of an established magazine, although we did get some nice pictures from 2012’s California Style (already 5 years ago), Instyle (2009) or housewife magazine like Ladies’ Home Journal, but none of these can compare with some of the iconic magazines she used to be in (I consider 2007’s Esquire as her last stylish magazine cover in an important magazine).

After a 23 years wait , La Pfeiffer finally back to the cover of INTERVIEW magazine since year 1994, as the opening of her BIG come back this year with 4 great projects: The Wizard of Lies, Where is Kyra?, Mother! and Murder on the Orient Express. Somehow I think the better project you get involved with, the better magazine cover you can get, the studio and the press know it well.
Here are the transcripts of 3 INTERVIEW magazines with Michelle on their cover, in three important stages of her career: The Raising A-List Star (1988), The International Goddess (1994) and The Real Returns of La Pfeiffer (2017). You may read this articles years ago but time flies and you may have forgotten how this golden girl struggling in Hollywood. You may also read the latest interview from the April 2017 issue online but you know what, the interview from the real magazine is actually much longer than their online version, in any case you still not able to get the hard copy yet, here is the place for you to discover the unfinished stories.
BLOND VENUS | August 1988

Enjoy the read.

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