Michelle Pfeiffer Hoping For ‘Dark Shadows’ Sequels

Let’s face it, any news about “Dark Shadows” is good news. Even if it just involves the stars gushing about the project.

Piggy-backing off last week’s most excellent chat with Helena Bonham Carter, who admitted that while she loved her character, she thinks the film might be a tough sell, we recently had another “Dark Shadows” cast member encounter with star Michelle Pfeiffer, who had nothing but positive remarks for her time spent on set, director Tim Burton and her hope for “Shadows” sequels.

“It was like a dream job,” Pfeiffer told us during the press day for her latest film, “New Year’s Eve.” “[It is] such a fun cast and we had so much fun. I just love working with Tim [Burton], I love watching him direct. [There’s] nobody like him. I loved meeting Helena and getting to know her. I hope it’s successful so that we can do a bunch of them because it was such a fantastic, creative group of people.”

When asked about Carter’s comment that the movie’s style and subject matter might be a hard sell for mainstream audiences, Pfeiffer said she wasn’t sure if it would be a hard sell or not, but that that’s part of Burton’s appeal, that you can’t put his films in any box or package.

“That’s what we love about Tim’s movies, they’re not run-of-the-mill and they don’t easily fit into one kind of genre and so it always is a kind of wait-and-see kind of thing,” she said, speaking to the fact that she is also eager to see the finished product when it’s ready.

source: MTV.com

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