When former Catwoman met the former Batman!

TheInsider.com brought us this precious interview of Michelle Pfeiffer, back to 1996 when the former Catwoman promoting her self produced romantic comedy “One Fine Day“, with George Clooney who was getting ready for “Batman & Robin“.

While Michelle Pfeiffer has been happily married to her second husband for nearly two decades, she has had the fortune of playing the fictional companions of some handsome gentlemen throughout her years in the industry.

This Pop Culture Rewind takes you back to her interview on One Fine Day, a film in which she starred with (and smooched with) George Clooney.

In the featured flashback, which occurred on this date in 1996, Pfeiffer talks about kissing Clooney for the film during the first week of production, which she said was a bit awkward but worked well within the context of the script.

“It was very odd, but it works because…these characters…never really get comfortable with each other,” she highlights, “but when you work with somebody for three months, then you have to, at a certain point, act the awkwardness.”

When asked to evaluate Clooney’s kissing, the married Pfeiffer craftily calls him a “perfectly respectable kisser.” The then-38-year-old actress also talks about her real life love and family, and touches on her future plans for more children.

“I realize that I’m a happier person when I have my work,” she says in response to whether or not she plans on having more children in addition to the two she already had. “Being a working mom is really a hard act to balance and I think the more kids you have, the more you have to split yourself up. So, probably not, but I haven’t completely ruled it out.”

Pfeiffer ended up only splitting herself in two.

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