PMAGAZINE: Los Angeles (Sept 1997), Good Housekeeping & Vogue (Oct 1997)

Another 3 magazine transcripts were added into the PMAGAZINE section, all of them from the promotion of Via Rosa’s production movie “A Thousand Acres“, which also starring the great and well-respected Jessica Lange.

Actually I was re-watch this movie on DVD lately, together with another family drama “The Deep End of the Ocean“, both from Michelle’s former production company Via Rosa. I didn’t watch them for quite a long time,  and I have to say that I have a much stronger feeling on these movies now compare to when I first saw them in the theater, I was still a teenager back then. And once again, I’m really amazed by Michelle’s choice for her part as a actress and a superstar of Hollywood. Both “Deep End” and “A Thousand Acres” hardly have any achievement in the box office or in critic’s view, but after all these success of her previous projects like Batman Returns, Dangerous Minds or even One Fine Day, Michelle Pfeiffer didn’t make movies to make her a bigger star, instead, she chooses project from her heart as a serious actor and also as a mother of two. And there’s always a connection between the subject matter and her life, and it must be a meaningful one instead of anything commercial.

She’s such a real artist, and her performances in these movies are simply….woah…POWERFUL!!!!! How can you not feeling heartbreaking when seeing Beth’s break down in the hotel lobby after she lost her youngest son in “The Deep End“, and from every minute of “A Thousand Acres” you can feel Rose’s anger and passion just watching her sentimental eyes.

If you are a young Pfans and if you haven’t watch these 2 movies for a long time, it’s time to re-appreciate the power of Michelle Pfeiffer again!:)

And of course, don’t forget to check out the 3 new transcripts with high quality scans:

Los Angeles | September 1997

Good Housekeeping | October 1997

Vogue | October 1997

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