PMAGAZINE: Allure March 2007

Interviewed by Judy Bachrach and photographed by Michael Thompson.

This is one of the most critical interview of Michelle in recent year, when the magazine first announced the news with headline “Don’t Hate Me because I’m Beautiful” which misleading the reader to have different thought of Michelle, and you may even found that she has an”attitude” of being a beautiful woman.

But after reading the article, it’s a completely different matter. As a cosmetic trend magazine, there’s not much about her upcoming movies at that time, but Michelle opens her heart and talk about love life, family and beauty.

“My life could have been a disaster,” Michelle Pfeiffer concedes, her hesitant avowal pushed to the fore by a crowd of memories, some quite unpleasant. “Except that I always had this attitude—it’s a combination of courage, willfulness, and extreme naïveté—and I think my naïveté tricked me into thinking I could do anything, and I just had to figure out how,” she continues. “And then when I get in too deep and I say, Oh, shit!, I simply adopt a sink-or-swim attitude. And I will find any way to survive.” Her blue eyes, which so often sparkle with amusement, grow solemn. “And I always swim.”…

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