EMPIRE | November, 2000

Check out the latest additional of magazine transcript added to the PMAGAZINE collection! The November 2000 issue of UK’s Empire movie magazine.

The Number One UK magazine ran around to meet Michelle Pfeiffer in Venice Film Festival and chased Harrison Ford around Europe, for the 2000 blockbuster Hitchcock style thriller “What Lies Beneath”, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

“Upon meeting Michelle Pfeiffer—tousled hair dancing around a simple black polo neck, skittish but girlishly pretty in glasses—it is very difficult not to think of Ally McBeal. Whether or not her husband, David E. Kelley, really did create the highly-strung lawyer by looking across the dining room table, in person Pfeiffer is effortlessly charming and polite; unflappable even when…read the full article HERE.

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