New Clip of Michelle Pfeiffer and Dianna Agron from “The FAMILY”

Moviefone brought us another exclusive clip from the Luc Besson movie “THE FAMILY/MALAVITA” about the sex education talk:

Relive those wonderful glory days when your parents tried to talk to you about sex! As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough.

In Luc Besson’s dark action-comedy “The Family,” the Manzoni family, a notorious Mafia clan, is relocated to France under the witness protection program. And in this exclusive clip provided by eOne Films, mother Maggie Manzoni (Michelle Pfeiffer) is giving daughter Belle (Dianna Agron) a quick little pep talk on sex.

Seeing an Italian-American family adjust to live in la belle provence should be a hoot, especially with such co-starring pedigree as Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones.

“The Family” is being released into theatres on September 13, 2013.

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